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Human Gene Editing for the Good Life

October 22, 2023

James C Peterson, PhD

Human Gene Editing for the Good Life

Program Abstract:​​

We are now able to directly edit genes in patients and their children. Peterson will give a first-hand report of how geneticists across the world have been meeting to discern and encourage the best use of this transformative technology for healing human disease, and maybe even enhancement. He will describe in particular, how the most influential religious traditions, such as the Christian faith, have thought about the role of genes and gene editing, for the good life.

Speaker Bio:

James C. Peterson has been a research fellow in molecular and clinical genetics on grant from NIH. His PhD in ethics is from the University of Virginia. He has brought these two together in books that include Genetic Turning Points, and Changing Human Nature. He is an ordained minister, and teaches now as the Schumann Professor of Ethics at both Roanoke College, and at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, as well as co-chairs ethics for the LewisGale Medical Center, and is the Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, that is now celebrating its 75th year. The American Scientific Affiliation, and the International Society for Science and Religion (founded at Cambridge University) have both elected him as a Fellow, and the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation has elected him their President.


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